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The Society "Hellenic Aikikai Aikido Society" (hence 'Aikido School Athens') aims at learning, practicsing, studying and disseminating aikido, the non violent art of self-defence.

The roots of the society in Greece are traced back in 2005, when the teachers, Vasiliki Kantzara and Martina Loos started a dojo at the German School of Athens. Prior to this, both teachers studied the art in the Netherlands at the Tenchigowa Foundation, one of the oldest in the country.

The senseis (teachers) are trained and qualified in their subject, both in sports and pedagogy; the hold the relevant diploma's from abroad and in Greece they both are graduates of the 'Coaching School' of the General Secretariat of Spots in Greece. 

A few words about aikidoQ Aikido is a peaceful and intelligent self-defense system originated from Japan. Aikido is peaceful, for the techniques are based on the intelligent use of the inner strength (called Ki) that renders any attack harmless in a calm and componsed manner. Everyone of us regardless of age, gender, body type or physical condition holds much of this inner strength that in aikido we learn to recognise, train and use for our benefit not only in the school but also at our work and in our other every day life activities. 

The philosophy of aikido has religious-philosophical roots in Buddhism, and especially Zen Buddism. This could be a reason why aikido is called "Zen in movement".

The syllables of the ideogram "aikido" denote the path of balance and harmony that constitute the building stones of reconciliation and peace, both for individuals and societies. 

aikido smallAbout Aikido..About Aikido

Aikido is the art of "non resistance". It is a non violent art of self-defence that was developed by Morihei Ueshiba in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. Aikido focuses on effective confrontation of attacks and other challenges by employing techniques that are based on Ki (inner strength) and are flowing, calm and composed.



The winter programme starts every year in September and lasts till June. The rest of the year training takes place out doors in a natural environment.


Aikido for kids..

Children (6 to 11 years old) learn aikido in order to develop physical, mental and intellectual abilities, so that they are able to defend themselves in the face of challenges and attacks.



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Doridos & Menippou 9, Cholargos (Municipality Papagou - Cholargou). The Dojo is close to Mesogeion Avenue - at metro station Nomismatokopeio.