Frequently Asked Questions

What is aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese art of self defense that has been developed in the beginning of the 20th century. According to aikido’s philosophy we learn not to avoid but to successfully confront attacks, conflicts and other difficult situations with peaceful means.

These means, called techniques, include grasping, locking and throwing, which we learn gradually and incorporate in our movements and are based on the philosophy of non violent confrontations.

What do I need to start aikido?

  • A t-shirt
  • A comfortable trouser
  • A good mood (that is relative)
  • A relatively good health condition

What is not required to begin with aikido?

  • A specific good physical condition
  • Competitiveness
  • Stop smoking
  • Go on a diet

Where can I apply aikido?

Aikido is an art that is based on simple and natural techniques. Moreover it is based on a  philosophy that can be applied effectively in many areas of everyday life. Aikido helps us to build physical and psychological resistances and contributes to sustaining a good physical condition, health and sense of well being. The most important help however is that we learn how to avoid becoming victims, while we learn to retain our integrity, without having to turn ourselves into “perpetrators”. Especially important is the possibility that we are able to train in aikido until our “old age”.

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