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2014b Sociability Days: Preventing violence for classes 5d & 5d Greek-German
2014a Aikido: The peaceful art of self-defense without age limit Greek-German
2012b “Students’ experiences from social days” (Forum) German
2012a ‘Social day for class 5d “All together and not one against another”’(Yearbook German School Athens) Greek-German
2012 “Peaceful self-defence for adults and children” (Greek-German) Greek-German
2011 2012a: ‘Social day for class 5d “All together and not one against another”’ (Greek-German)(Yearbook German School Athens) Greek-German
2010 “2nd seminar aikido with Sensei Dr. Wilko Vriesman” Greek-German
2009 “All together, instead of one against the other” – for classes 5d and 5e Greek-German
2009 “Aikido: the peaceful martial arts for girls and boys” German
2006 “Social learning with classes 5a – 6a” Greek-German