V.Ν. Kantzara-Koutroutsiou, Sensei (4th Dan Aikikai)

Teacher Vasso started the study of Aikido in Amsterdam (1993), during her Ph.D studies in Sociology. She learned Aikido at the Tenchigowa Society (The way between heaven and earth), one of the first aikido societies in the country; later, after reaching the level of balk belt (1st Dan), she started teaching aikido at the society, serving also as chair of its Coordinating Board. Her first teachers include the sensei Santos (5th DAN), Paul Koster (5th DAN) and Nikki Lemmens (5th DAN). She followed the society after it was connected with Sensei Wilko Vriesman (6th DAN), who is a student of Christian Tissier, Shihan (8th DAN) coming thus into contact with the special teaching of the latter. She continues today on the same line after having been also a student of the late Sensei Anita Koehler (6th Dan). Vasso has been graded to the 4th Dan rank by Christian Tissier sensei (8th Dan).

In Athens, Vasso started teaching aikido in 2005 at the German School of Athens; she and Martina co-founded the dojo named Aikido School Athens in 2005; both are also co-founders of the Aikido Section of the Ju-Jitsu Federation of Greece. Vasso holds an official Sports Coaching Degree from the Greek General Secretariat of Sports. She is also a member of International Aikido Federation, and the Aikido Federation Germany. Every year she participates in seminars given by internationally acclaimed and well known aikido teachers, both in Greece and abroad.

As a teacher, student and scholar, Vasso is interested and explores the spiritual, the martial and the philosophical aspects of Aikido; she studies in particular the ways Ki (life-energy) unfolds, manifests and flows into the aikido techniques. Vasso's goal as a teacher is to promote the peace-making, conciliatory principles of Aikido and parallel to this, to cultivate an open "mind", and a big-empowered "heart" (Daishin).





Μ. Μ. Loos (2nd Dan Aikikai)

She began in 1999 to learn Aikido in Germany and continued in the Netherlands. She did her 1st Dan exams with Wilko Vriesman (6th Dan), Dutch Aikikai Foundation. In 2003-04 she learned to teach Aikido to children at Vriesman-Dojo, Amsterdam, with sensei’s Wilko Vriesman and Andries Tahapari (3rd Dan).

Since 2005 she started giving aikido lessons to children in Greece. Additionally, she teaches every year seminars in “violence prevention” at the German School of Athens organized for children (10-12 years old). Her training is based on a rich experience in teaching gymnastics since 1985 and dance at the evening school as well as at the Peoples’ University to children, students and adults. Martina Loos is pedagogue, teacher of German language, a nurse and she holds a PhD in pedagogy.

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