Aikido - Α peaceful martial arts

Aikido is the art of "non resistance". It is a non violent arts of self-defence that was developed by Morihei Ueshiba in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. Aikido focuses on effective confrontation of attacks and other difficult situations by employing techniques that are natural and do not depend or make use of violence.

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The path of 'non resistance'

Aikido is a contemporary, complex system of self defense techniques, the successful application of which are based on certain principles. Morihei Ueshiba defined aikido as the path of ‘non-resistance’. The questions to which we shall attempt to answer are, What does this principle mean, and how do we apply it in aikido?

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AIKI - The art of aligning

AIKI, the first two syllables of aikido mean that the defender tries to align with the thoughts (spirit) and then with the movement of the aggressor. More specifically, this principle states that a defender anticipates the thoughts and intentions of an aggressor, in order to foresee the line of an attack and align with his movements. The success of these movements requires that one synchronises his movements with the attacker and stays connected with him or her.

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